europe: serfontaine launch

© serfontaine - sexy women's jeans redefined serfontaine is on the eve of a major european launch. already a hot fav with denim-savvy crowds back home in the u.s., the prime denim brand has arrived in the old world, setting up a new european hq in amsterdam. established in 2000 by husband and wife team mik and maria serfontaine, the brand has carved itself a niche market with an advanced denim line that claims the perfect fit. serfontaine's approach is unique, using hi-tech and high style as its unique selling points. the jeans fit is based on the body measurements date of 15,000 different women, and is further enhanced by the use of xfit lycra, a revolutionary denim cross-weave with multi-direction stretch. serfontaine's amsterdam showroom boasts an understated design that's pretty much an extrapolation of the brand's design principles. 'we're very much a modern denim brand', says c.e.o. + founder mik serfontaine. 'in today's saturated denim market we distinguish ourselves not with the usual novelty factor, but with a product that boasts a certain complexity, and has an architectural fit'. another key element of this 'modernity' are the eco-friendly washings and abrasions. 'our client is a woman who is confident, clearly denim-savvy and with a great sense of style. it's someone who chooses a product with a timeless quality', says the soft-spoken south african. while serfontaine currently only offers a women's denim line, a jeans collection for men is planned in the near future. 'we're also thinking opening our own stores', adds serfontaine's new european c.e.o. alex jansen. 'i envisage our first flagship to be a reality within one-and-a-half years, it'll open most likely here in amsterdam'. serfontaine will be available from dec 15 at select stores across europe.
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