east hampton [ny]: make it hard

it looks like the fashion scene has forever lost one of its prodigies. if you missed out on the latest news: fashion designer-turned-artist helmut lang turned down a recent offer to helm hermès and instead simply continue his career as an artist. his new solo exhibition make it hard, opening sat - jul 23 [6pm-8pm] at the fireplace project, seems like the perfect metaphor for that career switch. curated by art critic neville wakefield, lang presents a series of 16 somewhat mystical columnular forms that rise from floor to ceiling that invoke forces of nature and culture, and suggesting both the accretive geological slowness of stalactites, and the destructive force of tornadoes. but more interestingly, these forms are made of objects and things he created during his 20 odd years as a fashion designer. location: 851 springs fireplace road [springs]. © purple