dubai: supperclub dubai opening

© concrete / photography: paul emous - a new playground in dubai

it's only 50 years ago that dubai was an insignificant fishing village on the gulf coast. the discovery of black gold in the 1950s changed all that, triggering a transformation that's remarkable to say the least. despite a recent setback, the clever positioning of 'the brand dubai' by its rulers remains highly effective, and it's still a boomtown that appeals to the planet's movers and shakers. these past decades, dubai initially emerged as the middle east's leading commercial center, but quickly topped the regional rankings in banking, shipping and aviation as well. and although dubai's fairly liberal climate has accommodated various establishments in the realm of hospitality, entertainment and retail - the valuable expat squad and rising number of tourists need to unwind, do they not? - it seems things are shifting into higher gear as equally ambitious urban development projects and private initiatives are on the rise in the neighbouring rival hubs of abu dhabi and doha.

the opening of supperclub dubai can be seen in that light. an official sister establishment of the renowned original in amsterdam, the restaurant + club is located on the premises of jumeirah zabeel saray, a luxury resort on the palm jumeirah. designed by dutch architecture practice concrete, supperclub dubai occupies a 1,200 sqm. [12, 917 sq.ft.] two-storey space that's more or less centered around la salle neige, the pristine white restaurant and the very heart of the new venue. up on the mezzanine floor you'll find more private dining spaces. next to two chefs tables in intimate booths, there's the more glamourous la salle d'or, a dining space which comes with adjoining bar. on the same floor party peeps can find balcony noir and bar rouge, two secluded and stylish watering holes where to meet up for pre-dinner drinks. acclaimed chef dom robinson heads supperclub dubai's kitchen and cooks up an evolving menu of european fusion dishes served with a creative twist on traditional fine dining.

a crew of savvy mixologists concoct a matching range of drinks with homemade ingredients, such as syrups, sorbets, tinctures, and an extensive range of infusions. a range of fine wines, carefully selected by a sommelier, is also available. and if you'd like to splurge and flaunt it, the drinks service can completely tailored to your desired fun experience, be it an over the top theatrical show to accompany your bottle serve or a bespoke cocktail to accompany your after-dinner cigar. and to get the party started, supperclub dubai hosts local and international deejays that play throughout the evening. tantalizing themed nights and live acts are thrown into the party equation so you'll be coming back for more. location: jumeirah zabeel saray, crescent road west [palm jumeirah].

© concrete / photography: paul emous - la salle neige, bar rouge, balcony noir and la salle d'or [top to bottom]