dubai: sole dxb

© sole dxb

launched in dubai only five years ago, sole dxb has grown from a modest communication platform for sneakers, streetwear and alternative culture, to the region's leading festival where street culture is celebrated in all its forms. this year's edition is held nov 20-21 on the premises of dubai design district, and presents a cool, eclectic program which mirrors the multi-faceted realm of street culture. there'll be trophy sneaker showcases where to buy, sell or trade, a music program with deejays and live gigs, a basketball tournament for 11 teams and lots more. as the spotlight once again returns to the region’s annual showing, sole dxb presents the first glimpses of their style-infused showcase event, told through distinctive visuals by hassan hajjaj, and in doing so, emphasizing its rank amongst the planet’s leading trade shows and festivals. location: dubai design district, ras al khor road.

BAQALA from SOLE on Vimeo.