dubai: prada store opening

© prada - a new shoe store inside a new shoe store

the dubai mall is a shopping complex of sheer superlatives, and we're not only talking size here. its luxury offerings are unparalleled in the region and have further boosted dubai's image as a premier shopping destination. the most recent addition to the shop list is level shoe district, a new concept store dedicated exclusively to men's and women's shoes, and which occupies a floor space of no less than 96,000 sq.ft. [8,919 sqm.]. the store features 250 top brands and a select number of branded shoe boutiques, and prada is one of those operating its own store here. the shop is designed by usual suspect, italian architect roberto baciocchi, and occupies 2,476 sq.ft. [230 sqm.]. black marble frames the entrances and windows and inside slender displays in crystal and polished steel with marble drawers characterise the two separate spaces. walls are covered in the hallmark green fabric of prada stores worldwide, and the beige carpet floor has a green and black border delimiting the perimeter of the two rooms. the green velvet and sinuous curves of the clover leaf sofas by verner panton add up to a sophisticated vibe, while castorino-coloured velvet sofas define the men's footwear zone. the new prada boutique offers the men’s and women’s bags, accessories and footwear collections. location: the dubai mall, ground floor, financial centre road [downtown dubai].

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