dubai: on a boat, looking to land

© carbon 12 / daniel rich - staircase, chicago [2015]

as most of us are urban dwellers. we're immersed in architecture and design on a daily basis. while most of us take this for granted, or have become totally oblivious by the continuous exposure, artists gil heitor cortesão [1967] and daniel rich [1977] thrive by it, capturing many an a signifier of time, ideology or downright splendour on canvas. the two artists, hailing respectively from portugal and germany, currently have a dual exhibition at carbon 12, one of dubai's leading contemporary art galleries. the show is poetically entitled on a boat, looking to land, and presents an exemplary body of new paintings of both. each has a distinct vocabulary and style all his own, provoking viewers to make comparisons and discover different perspectives. while rich peels built up layers of meticulously masked paint away to expose architectural detail, cortesão works in reverse, always exposing the 'inside’ of the painting by starting with the foreground, and covering it up with the next layer. interestingly, the notion that these paintings are as built as the buildings they describe, adds a cohesive dimension to the showcase [on through jan 7]. location: alserkal avenue, street 8, unit d37 [al quoz].

© carbon 12 / daniel rich - bauhaus, dessau [2015] and gil heitor cortesão - hall of mirrors - diptych [2015]