dubai: fakie#3

© fn designs / design by bhuvneswari iyengar

although a relatively new city, dubai has gained global prominence in many fields but perhaps still lacks the essential patina in the cultural department. no worries, it's working hard on that too. the upper echelons have been well taken care of with prestigious events that already resonate around the planet, but there's also a more informal, urban art scene that's being fostered and is slowly making its mark in this boomtown and across the region. since 2009 the fakie skateboard exhibition is held under the patronage of her highness sheikha wafa hasher al maktoum at fn designs. currently on is the third edition, aptly called fakie#3, and presents the work of 21 dubai-based artists - mind you, there's even one of the aforementioned royal on display - on new or broken skate decks. other participants include humaid mansoorgian juan, deama hatahet, saeed khalifa and liz ramos-prado [on through feb 28]. location: fn designs, 26 al serkal avenue [al quoz].

© fn designs / designs by joseph manata [top] and gian juan [bottom]