dubai: design days dubai

© carwan gallery / karen checkerdjian - living space III [2012] - multi-purpose furniture/installation

after yesterday's invite-only preview, the special, custom-built location next to the soaring burj khalifa will welcome collectors and design aficionados from across the planet. we're talking design days dubai, the first fair in the region that's dedicated to collectible and limited edition furniture and design objects, and one of many new cultural events launched by art week, an umbrella initiative that'll surely contribute to the city's growing stature as a global hub. this second edition sees 29 galleries from across the planet showcase the best of local and international design, including carwan gallery [beirut], carpenters workshop gallery [london], galería mexicana de diseño [mexico city], j+a gallery [dubai] and + coletivo amor de madre [são paulo]. next to unique design installations, there'll be a public programme of workshops, talks, and mentorship sessions supported by the dubai culture & arts authority. this year design days dubai will feature a focus on sustainable works with a design lab, as well as a wider bespoke design section, in which four design brands will present their insight, skills and creations [on though mar 21]. location: the venue, mohammed bin rashid boulevard [downtown].

© carpenters workshop gallery / vincent dubourg - chinese cabinet [2012] - aluminium