dubai: double rainbow all the way

© carbon 12 / james clar - horizontal force [2015] 

james clar is an american artist whose creative output is often marked by a fusion of technology, pop art, street culture, and visual information. based in new york city, clar originally studied film and animation, but later on he came to view televisions as light systems and their own medium, and began to articuate his artistic language. the artist has returned to his previous domicile dubai to present a series of intricately constructed works at carbon 12 gallery. whimsically entitled double rainbow all the way and named after a viral video from 2010 that struck a chord online for its raw emotion and seeming absurdity, the show builds on this specific notion and presents a number of conceptual threads that analyze media and technology in nifty and unexpected ways [on through nov 7]. location: alserkal avenue, street 8, unit d37 [al quoz].

© carbon 12 / james clar - teleported, pixelated, digitized (the vanishing) and wheeeeeeeeeeeee! [2015]