dubai: declaration

© tashkeel / artist el seed at his exhibition

faouzi khlifi a.k.a. el seed [1981] is a talented french-tunisian street artist who has taken calligraphy, a highly sophisticated art form in the arab world, to a whole new level. celebrated for his bold murals and other artworks on outdoor surfaces - more aptly known as exercises of so-called calligraffiti - in various projects and exhibitions across the planet, el seed recently took up a residency in the boomtown of dubai, facilitated by contemporary art organization tashkeel and the related salama bint hamdan al nahyan foundation. during this time the urban artist has crafted a series of works which audaciously extrapolate his calligraffiti style to a series of monumental three-dimensional sculptures that rather spectacularly weave across the premises of tashkeel's exhibition gallery. entitled declaration, el seed's work is inspired by a poem of syrian poet nizar qabbani which describes the beauty of his lover despite her age. the artist not only uses the poem's lines to publicly declaring his love for the ancient art of calligraphy, but also pays homage to his earlier pieces by adding a new dimension [on through dec 27]. location: tashkeel, nad al sheba road 1 [nad al sheba].

© tashkeel