delhi: delhi modern

madan mahatta is a veteran indian photographer who has been active since the 1950s, and pretty much documented every topic imaginable. madan studied photography in england, and later joined the family’s delhi studio upon returning to India in 1954 and introduced negative-positive colour printing for the first time in india.. opening on thu - apr 26 [7pm-9pm] at photoink gallery is delhi modern, an exhibition of mahatta's photographs that not only brilliantly documents examples of india's post-colonial architecture in and around the capital city, but also presents a remarkable record of the building of new delhi at the height of nehruvian modernism. madan worked closely with two generations of india’s best known modern architects. his photographs of their works are an equal part of the legacy of a great period in indian modernism. location: 1 faiz road [jandhewalan].

© photoink / madan mahatta - gandhi memorial hall [1962]