copenhagen: studio a flagship store opening

© aiaiai - the smallest flagship store on the planet

aiaiai is a design company based in copenhagen, and one that is totally focused on creating high-quality headphones and earphones. they've now ventured into the realm of retail and opened a store at the front section of their downtown headquarters, and it's called studio a. this self-proclaimed smallest flagship on the planet measures a compact 4 sqm. [43 sq.ft.] and is packed to the guilds with anything the sophisticated music lover appreciates, ranging from records and gadgets to dj tech-gear. next to aiaiai's coveted product range, studio a packs a range of other compatible brands, including teenage engineering, ghostly international, fool’s gold, infiné records, native instruments and kitsuné. don't miss when in town! location: studiestræde 31 [indre by].

© aiaiai - shelves of audio gems