copenhagen: overlap

© den frie udstillingsbydning / louise campbell [front] and martino gamper [back] if you decided to skip the hoopla in milan and headed for copenhagen instead to explore nordic design at the source, be sure to include the overlap exhibition in your itinerary. held at den frie udstillingsbydning, this group show is centered around an interesting question: what happens when the functional design object meets art? all artists and designers share the desire to challenge and invade each other’s artistic domains and experiment to such an extent that categories and definitions become obsolete. on display are works by a series of danish and international designers and artists that have lost their original functionality, and have been modified for mere aesthetic reasons. participating artists include louise campbell, maarten baas, krüger & pardeller, tobias rehberger and michael johansson [on through may 15]. location: oslo plads 1 [indre by].
© den frie udstillingsbydning / michael johansson