copenhagen: noma restaurant renewal

© noma - located in a historic waterside warehouse

having had the pleasure of attending a rather impressive birthday dinner sometime after its opening a few years ago, we weren't much surprised of noma's rise to global culinary fame. there was sense of exceptional balance between the restaurant's secluded location in a historic waterside warehouse, chef rené redzepi's great food, friendly and unobtrusive service, and last but certainly not least, the decorum that proved to be such a fitting backdrop. but as times progress and change, so does the appreciation of aesthetics. and noma, being on top of its game and known to serve its guests nothing less but innovation on a plate, felt the need to create a new ambiance that would be even more representative of modern times.

although it never was a cluttered space, copenhagen-based architecture + design practice space have created something that very much feels decluttered, transforming interior matters to the core essentials, but without a compromise on style and the spirit of triple a hospitality. the building's historic elements are still very much visible but these have now been matched with new flooring and furnishings in tones of grey and muted black. the most dramatic change materialized in the front section where the lounge and bar are located. for the design great emphasis has been put on the use of natural materials such as wood, leather and stone. the fluffy fur chair cloaks that gave noma's restaurant interior that distinctive nordic touch have luckily been retained. location: strandgade 93 [christianshavn]. 

© space - lounge + bar, restaurant [top to bottom]