copenhagen: movement

in a previous post we talked about last summer's megalaunch of the avant/garde diaries in berlina prestigious new creative platform for current trends and issues related to art, fashion, music, trends, culture and innovation, and initiated by mercedes-benz. the event's second installment, called movement, is held on thu - mar 29 at copenhagen's tivoli gardens where artist andreas emenius has curated a mini-festival a festival-night full of music, art and performances. emenius created an adventurous lineup that includes new york-based composer and musician mikkel hess who'll give insight in his definition of movement, in addition to anders trentemøller, jenny wilson, lonely boy choir, alessandro pereira, minna berglund and the horse ensemble. location: tivoli gardens, hans christian andersen castle, andersens boulevard 20-24 [indre by].

MOVEMENT COPENHAGEN - Andreas Emenius invites from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo.