copenhagen: diy

© richard gilligan - malmö, sweden

opening today [6.30pm-9pm] at the streetmachine store in copenhagen is an exhibition by photographer richard gilligan. simply entitled diy, gilligan's interesting photographs document the infrastructure of movement within skateboarding which operates outside civic and societal norms. through the use of skater-constructed spaces - usually an adaptation of existing, but often abandoned sites in both urban and rural settings - today's savvy skateboarder increasingly likes to play in unconventional places. these often illegal temporary spots are constructed by using found materials and gilligan has spent the past four years them tracking across the u.s. and europe. presented by carhartt wip, the show is both part of a european exhibition tour and this year's edition of the copenhagen photo festival, and gilligan will also be giving a lecture on the project this evening at 7pm. location: kronprinsensgade 3 [indre by].

© richard gilligan - basel, switzerland [top] and the diy book [bottom]