cincinnati: dunn + adams

opening sat - feb 28 [4pm-8pm] at country club are two exhibitions. the first one, spit & peanut shells - american pictures displays new photography, video and objects documenting by new york-based shnapper cheryl dunn. she travels travels within the u.s., is keen to interact anywhere and thus stitching together an idiosyncratic american portrait that considers the complexity and breadth of many of the nations sentiments. the other show is art thing & the orgllycreeks & common surprise by antonio adams. he developed a sophisticated visual language that places superheroes, personal friends, celebrities, newsmakers, various personifications of the artist and his alter egos in situational dilemmas that often suggest some complex, if not ambiguous morality play. shown are a series of new paintings. location: 424 findlay street [downtown]. © country club / cheryl dunn - willie's wiener wagon [top], antonio adams - 106 mile's on the highway to art thing & the orgllycreeks [bottom].