chicago: bivouac

© tahon + studio bouroullec / ronan and erwan bouroullec - conques [2010] - produced by galerie kreo

previously shown in their homeland, the elaborate ronan and erwan bouroullec - bivouac exhibition arrives stateside, opening at mca chicago on sat - oct 20. it's the first major solo show of french designers ronan and erwan bouroullec in 25 years, and this event displays a wide variety of highlights of their career that illustrate the brothers' status as top designers. since they began collaborating in the late 1990s, the bouroullecs have brought a visionary energy to international contemporary design. they consider their studio to be a laboratory, continually experimenting and evolving their designs and objects. starting out with industrial design projects, the brothers have become known for revolutionary, sleek objects and designs for the home and office. the exhibition title bivouac suggests a temporary encampment, and the design of the museum's gallery spaces offers rich and immersive experiences created and shaped by the duo's work.

the show also addresses key concepts in the bouroullecs' research: objects which are modular, organic, ephemeral, nomadic, and flexible. not surprisingly, this entire exhibition is energized by these products, some of which fall into a category they call 'microarchitecture', which are items larger than furniture but smaller than architecture. each of the bouroullecs brings a specific quality to the design. while ronan draws inspiration from nomadic berber communities, and aims to create works that are simple and subtly practical, ergonomic, and avoid unnecessary waste for the environment, erwan is more intrigued by contemporary, technological fabrics to communicate variety and sophistication. needless to say that this show at mca chicago is an absolute must-see! location: 220 east chicago avenue [near north side].

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