chicago: apparatus

© kavi gupta / roxy paine - control room [2013] - wood, paint and steel

roxy paine is an american artist based in new york city. educated at the santa fe university of art and design and the pratt institute, paine's work has challenged the perception of visual language and how it affects the understanding of our environments since the very beginning of his career. the artist focuses on objects and their fabrication, and aims to trigger a different kind of perception - or understanding if you will - of the visual, and ulteriorly, of our reality. paine is known for his synthetic replicas of organic forms, such as fungi and trees, and his computer-driven machines programmed to auto-produce works of art. it's a body of work that simply aims to challenge how we define our perception and habitat.

currently on at kavi gupta's new gallery space in chicago is apparatus, an exhibition of new large scale and meticulously crafted dioramas by payne that mark a new chapter in his work. these works have been inspired by spaces and environments that are designed to be activated via human interaction. a control room and a fast-food restaurant, the dioramas are hand-carved respectively from birch and maple wood and formed from steel, totally void of human presence, creating an intriguingly artificial and new kind of reality [on through dec 20]. location: 219 north elizabeth street [near west side].

© kavi gupta / roxy paine - control room [2013] and carcass [2013] - birch and maple wood