chengdu: max mara store opening

© duccio grassi architects - italian chic for the people

previously off our radar, max mara has suddenly caught our eye with rather stunning new stores in china. the high-end italian womenswear brand is banking on the country's luxury boom and already operates an endless string of boutiques and shop-in-shops in major hubs and second and third-tier cities. after launching a sleek flagship store in hong kong last summer, max mara once again joined forces with duccio grassi architects for a boutique with similar allure in chengdu. this store occupies a designated section, spread over two floors at maison mode, a swanky department store and the city's leading hub of luxury brands. china being the planet's new leading luxury market, max mara has wisely turned away from its usually bland store interiors and pulled out all the stops for a minimalist contemporary design that combines concrete, glass and steel, presented in a well-balanced linear composition and a subtle variation of textures. location: 56 renmin nan lu, ground floor [downtown].

© duccio grassi architects - inside max mara's new store in chengdu