cape town: space minding

© ólafur elíasson / stevenson [cape town + johannesburg], neugerriemschneider [berlin], tanya bonakdar gallery [nyc] - mono scanner [2004]

following the opening of a much-publicized inauguration show of the glitzy fondation louis vuitton in paris, artist ólafur elíasson lands another prominent exhibition halfway across globe at stevenson's cape town gallery space. in his first ever show in south africa, entitled space minding, a group of works are presented that are all focused on light. the work mono scanner consists of a cylindrical fresnel lens, mounted horizontally on a rotating pedestal, and casting a single, narrow beam of light onto the floor, walls and ceiling of the room. as the lens rotates around the horizontal axis, the vertically oriented band of light sweeps slowly across the surfaces of the room, giving the impression that the band of light is emitted from the lens not as a disc but in the shape of the room’s rectangular cross-section.

a single rotation takes approximately one minute and 30 seconds. a second room features works from elíasson's polar fall fade series. each artefact consists of three coloured glass panes, supported on a wall rack, with a different elliptical cut-out in each pane. the overlapping ellipses create a variety of colour saturations and tones. they're hand-blown by artisans and possess visible bubbles and variations throughout. the works extend the artist’s interest in creating pigments and visual effects through the superimposition of coloured, transparent layers. visitor oscillate between viewing the piece head-on, gaining the complete colour spectrum of the combined panes, and from the side, revealing the depth and construction of the layers [on through feb 28]. location: buchanan building, 160 sir lowry road [woodstock].

© ólafur elíasson / stevenson [cape town + johannesburg], neugerriemschneider [berlin], tanya bonakdar gallery [nyc] - mono scanner [2004]