cape town: pretend pretend

© culture urban + contemporary gallery - a collection of frank van reenen's new work

frank van reenen is a contemporary south african artist who has made a name for himself with a varied body of work that includes animation, painting and sculpture. van reenen draws inspiration from many subjects, ranging from toys, pop culture, anime, suburbia, and mundane urban life. injected with playfulness or dark humour, his work often has a deceptively cutesy appeal. currently on at culture gallery in cape town is pretend pretend, a collection of interesting new works on canvas by the artist. it comprises of studies and supportive work that relates to van reenen's well-known sculptural output in his distinctive cartoon visual style [on through jul 6]. location: the woodstock exchange, 66 albert road, shop a102 [woodstock].

© culture urban + contemporary gallery / frank van reenen - pretend pretend [top] and la la land [bottom]