cape town: loom store opening

© loom - funky colour scheme

loom opened u shop in johannesburg only last year, and has now expanded with a new store in cape town. located in the scenic downton district, the store features a different interior that does justice to historic building in a very contemporary way. the upper half of the walls are exposed, showing sections of bare bricks, but have been dipped in a pink-ish hue. the lower half is covered in wooden wooden paneling in a contrasting bight blue, and it works wonderfully well as you can see. attached to the panelling at different sections are a trapezoid shelving system, glass displays and changing rooms, loom's new store carries a similar range of contemporary men's apparel, shoes, bags and accessories, and includes brands such as a.p.c., comme des garçons, fred perry, nike and sixpack france. location: 137 bree street [cbd].

© loom - brimming with cool men's items