cape town: field office opening

© pedersen + lennard - this place is right up our alley

luke pedersen and james lennard are the south african duo behind pedersen + lennard, a design company based in cape town. known for their modern and clean residential and commercial products, the guys entered the retail arena by way of a downtown shop which presented their furniture designs and small home products directly to shoppers. a little while ago pedersen + lennard expanded their operations yet again with a major new settlement at the woodstock exchange that combines an office, a workshop and a cool café called field office. the rectangular-shaped hangout totally adds up to the vibe of the city's leading design hub and it's obviously crafted by the designers themselves. it features a clean, simple interior, and is furnished with the duo's fairlegs tables and benches. there's also a small display that features a concise range of exemplary pedersen + lennard designs. and as the name somewhat implies, it's very much intended as a multifunctional space where to relax, meet up with friends or work - mind you, wifi access here is free - over a cup of coffee and tasty bites. location: the woodstock exchange, 66-68 albert road [woodstock].

© pedersen + lennard - a place where to relax, work or meet up with friends