canberra: james turrell

© national art gallery of australia / james turrell - raemar pink white [1969]

sleepy canberra has lit up as never before, and in such an artful manner, it is pulling crowds from across australia. we're talking the not-to-be-missed james turrell retrospective, which after stopovers in los angeles, houston and new york, has landed at the national gallery of australia. light artist extraordinaire james turrell [1943] initially trained as a scientist in various disciplines such as perceptual psychology and mathematics, but later enrolled in a graduate studio art program of uci, a move which would change his career path. the show at the national gallery of australia explores the artist’s work over almost 50 years, and brings together an elaborate collection of projection pieces, built spaces, holograms, drawings, prints and photographs. it's also an immersive experience that celebrates skyspaces, viewing chambers that affect one's perception of the sky, and surveys turrell’s life work, roden crater, a naked eye observatory in an extinct volcano on the edge of arizona's painted desert [on through jun 8]. location: parkes place [parkes].

© national art gallery of australia / james turrell - within without [2010] and after green [1993] - top + bottom