cairo: the long shortcut

bustling cairo shifts into photo gear on dec 17 - jan 14 when photocairo4 unfolds with exhibitions, screenings, presentations, residencies, a workshop and a temporary publishing house. this year's edition, dubbed the long shortcut, explores the dynamics between informal and official modes of operation that continue to shape the social reality in this region and beyond. its main exhibition is held at four different venues across town and features works of more than 20 egyptian and international photographers, including mahmoud khaled, ala' younis, ahmed kamel, heidrun holzfeind and raed yassin. venue locations: townhouse gallery, 10 nabrawy street [downtown]. e-mobilia building, 23 sherif street, apt. 468 [downtown] hungarian cultural institute, 13 gawad hosni street [downtown] contemporary image collective, 20 safeya zaghloul street [mounira]