buenos aires: los carpinteros

© faena arts center / los carpinteros - avião [2011]

the faena arts center is one of buenos aires' leading contemporary art venues. part of an ambitious multi-million dollar project that encompasses the rejuvenation of the entire puerto madero district, the venue aims to showcase contemporary art that's as innovative as founder and industrial tycoon alan faena's entrepreneurial spirit. kicking off this year's exhibition cycle is a show by marco castillo and dagoberto rodríguez a.k.a. cuban art collective los carpinteros, their very first in argentina. spread over two of faena arts center's spacious rooms, the show features three works, one being a site-specific installation, realized with completely different techniques, and unified by the same question: how far is it good to be civilized? through an economy of improvisation and precariousness, the collective’s work utilizes industrial objects to ironically challenge the notions of civilization and the mechanisms of perception by juxtaposing affluent western society against a rationed one with minimal consumption [on through aug 12]. simultaneously, argentine artist manuel ameztoy's exhibition pop-up paradises is held in a separate room, comprising of hand-cut textiles and accompanied by an audiovisual recording of the work itself. location: calle aimé paine 1169 [puerto madero].

© faena arts center - el barrio [2011], alumbrado público [2012] and alan faena flanked by the artists [top to bottom]