buenos aires: franz ackermann + lea

© faena arts center - a section of franz ackermann's mural

opening today to an invite-only crowd at faena arts center in buenos aires is a dual showcase that pairs an expansive mural by franz ackermann - the largest the german artist has ever created - with a presentation of works by laboratory of artistic experimentation [lea] a platform of sorts instigated by the venue to support the creative development of artists and researchers, through scholarship programs and residences. the los molinos room features ackermann's site-specific mural. measuring no less than 260 sqm. [2,799 sq.ft.] and covering 21 panels, it represents the argentine capital through an eclectic abundance of impressions that the artist absorbed during his two-month residency. the adjacent la catedral room features laboratory of artistic experimentation's first edition of its research laboratory. set up by ximena caminos and directed by artists emiliano miliyo, diego bianchi and inés dahn, it's an artistic dialogue between nine other artists. this showcase is a reflection of three months’ work, expressed in a crossover of disciplines that invites visitors to immerse themselves in the creative process [on through dec 31]. location: calle aimé paine 1169 [puerto madero].

© faena arts center  - franz ackermann's mural, laboratory of artistic experimentation's showcase [top to bottom]