brussels: the plague doctors

© abner preis - a still from the turnbuckle garage video [2013]

artist abner preis is somewhat of a global citizen. born in israel, he grew up in the u.s. and currently resides in rotterdam where he's acquiring an mfa at the dutch art institute. preis has dipped his toes in many an artistic pool and it looks like the multicultural exposure has rubbed off on his work, which is eclectic to say the least, as it's comprised of various formats, objects, mediums and even alter-egos in which he often combines a keen interest in humanity with a vision of hope and humour. opening fri - jun 7 [6pm-9pm] at harlan levey projects in brussels is an exhibition of new studio works. called the plague doctors, it presents a series of sculptures, videos, salvaged toys and fire drawings that open the door to mythological variants, united by histories of plagues, protectors, healings and unhinged joy. location: léon lepagestraat 37 [central brussels].

© harlan levey projects / abner preis - salvaged toys [2013].