brussels: geo-graphics

this year a total of 17 african countries celebrate 50 years of independence. marking the occasion is the elaborate visionary africa festival organized by the paleis voor schone kunsten and the koninklijk museum voor midden-afrika. key element of this cultural showcase is the exhibition geo-graphics - a map of art practices in africa, past and present, supervised by creative director + architect david adjaye and opening on wed - jun 9. the show interestingly allows ethnographic art create a visual and narrative dialogue with contemporary art, thereby offering an overview of the enormous wealth and diversity of the visual artistic creation on the african continent. it includes 220 ethnographic objects from belgian private and museum collections from the 16th to the 20th century. eight contemporary arts centers from across africa have been invited to participate in the exhibition and each occupies a space within the exhibition, presenting its own artistic identity and shows work by 'its' african artists. participating venues include the centre for contemporary arts [lagos], darb 1718 [cairo] and the centre for contemporary art of east africa [nairobi]. location: paleis voor schone kunsten, ravensteinstraat 23 [central brussels]. © george osodi - beach [2004]