brussels: diesel store renewal

© diesel - revamped downtown store

diesel have revamped their standalone store on nieuwstraat in downtown brussels. now featuring 195 sqm. [2,099 sq.ft.] of retail space, the store offers sizeable shopping sections for both its menswear and womenswear collections. next to heaps of denim, the shelves are packed with a wide variety of shoes, bags, accessories and eyewear. in synch with the launch of the diesel + edun collab denim collection, a special corner has been dedicated to the special range of merchandise. the africa-inspired collection is presented by the tantalizing studio africa ad campaign, presenting a series of leading african creatives. a related mini exhibition is part of the presentation. mind you, the official store renewal party is held thu - mar 21 [8pm], featuring a dj set by marques toliver. location: nieuwstraat 126 [central brussels].

© diesel - store interior