biddinghuizen: converse compound

© converse - the crowd having fun at the converse compound

bidding-where? last weekend thousands of exhilirated fans converged at biddinghuizen, a tiny settlement in the dutch boonies solely known for hosting the annual and highly popular lowlands festival. in stark contrast to last year, this year's edition was sweltering hot and dry, adding up to the insouciant party vibe. sneaker brand converse returned to the event for a fifth time in a row to connect with the festival crowd by setting up its brand-defining converse compound. the set-up featured an installation by artist saskia rocks who playfully reworked the look of visitors with fresh paint, and the creatives behind the leyp and bravoure labels were invited to customize some converse shoes and show some other tricks. in the evenings the fun accellerated as the converse compound transformed into a full-fledged discotheque, featuring battles between resident and guest deejays. location: walibi holland, spijkweg 30 [biddinghuizen].

© converse - saskia rocks in action, customized sneakers, converse showcase, disco inferno [top to bottom]