berlin: yolo store opening

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recently launched, yolo is a berlin-based agency with quite a few coveted contemporary brands in its wholesale portfolio. set up by longtime friends and basketball fanatics laust frederiksen and benji kesselbach, the new venture has now spawned an eponymous retail extension in the mitte district where the brands they represent can also be found on the shelves. the yolo store is located on bustling torstrasse among kindred retail peers and adds up to shopping experience in this part of town. compact in size, it features a white-washed d.i.y.-chic interior that's somehow reminiscent of a scandinavian beach house [it's definitely the cutesy changing rooms...]. the yolo store currently carries brands such as grenson, porter by yoshida & co and a kind of guise, but these are supplemented by a range of compatible other items like fragrances by retaw, hightide stationery and stylish leather gloves by randers handsker. and to heighten the shopping experience the yolo store accommodates a rotating schedule of brand projects, as the current showcase by rucksack rucksack that takes up the entire back wall perfectly demonstrates. location: torstrasse 102 [mitte].

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