berlin: wood wood store renewal + wood wood annex opening

© wood wood - light and bright with an edge

just like fashion, retail spaces are subject to drastic change. knowing how to play the game and always eager to entice its savvy clientele, wood wood revamped its store in berlin [1]. crafted by the brand's founder + interior design graduate karl-oskar olsen, it's become light and bright - which optically enlarges the existing retail space - while accentuating a certain d.i.y. chic like the mothership in copenhagen. olsen must have been in a very good mood as he consecutively created the wood wood annex [2] right next door and boasting an equally cool decorum. this space features a complementing range of shoes and accessories, such as peter jensen, common projects, porter by yoshida & co., p.a.m., nike and wood wood's very own goodies. don't miss when in town! location [1]: rochstrasse 4 [mitte]. location [2]: rochstrasse 3 [mitte].

© wood wood - new interior of the berlin store and next door's wood wood annex [top to bottom]