berlin: totems

© circle culture / aaron rose - totem I (belief) [2015] 

multi-tasking creative aaron rose [1969] hardly needs an introduction. a pivotal force in contemporary american urban culture, rose dipped his toe in several pools and helped shape the urban arts scene as we now know. after his much-publicized cults solo exhibition at circle culture gallery two years ago, the artist returns to berlin for a new showcase. opening at the gallery's new potsdamerstrasse venue on thu - oct 1 [7pm-9pm] is a presentation entitled totems. on display is a body of new work which consists of a series of paintings and kinetic sculptures, all inspired by objects and feelings of desire.

rose's works are characterized by an outstanding mix of graphic elements and symbols, and symbology plays a major role in these pieces. the artist claims that life is nothing more than a dictionary of symbols, and that we looks to symbols merely to help us make sense of our existence. rather than use symbols for their intended significance, rose has always recontextualized meanings in unexpected ways to create abstract visuals composed of symbols invented and culled from the annals of visual history. the exhibition is accompanied by a special catalogue released by zurich-based cult publishing house nieves. location: potsdamerstrasse 68 [tiergarten].

© circle culture / aaron rose - totem II (whisper) [2015]