berlin: till the cows come home restaurant opening

© til the cows come home / photography: ludger paffrath

summer is about to kick off and so is the urge to venture outside and leisurely kick back. berlin is a pretty laid-back city, and one where you don't have to escape the urban grid to find cool, relaxing places. right in the heart of mitte, right next to platoon's shipping container venue and located in one of its own, the till the cows come home restaurant has bowed. set up by creative director natalie viaux and health consultant christiane cordes, it offers expertly made vegetarian slow food in a friendly design setting. the interior of the container has been fully stripped and redeveloped, the walls and ceiling now covered with norwegian birch, while copper details add a subtle sparkle to the bar + service station.

right outside is a wooden terrace with a dining table and stools, all created by product designer alexander spiliopoulos. as a slow food restaurant, meticulous attention goes to what's on your plate. with a strong emphasis on healthy and nutritious, the menu of till the coes come home list products which have been mostly sourced from regional, sustainable and organic farming. obviously, it's all about tasty food and chef nuno carrusca knows all about it. he serves a range of international specialties that are rich in variety, from ayurvedic and kosher, to macrobiotic and mediterranean, it's a delicious blend of dishes, salads, sandwiches and desserts from across the planet.

that also counts for beverages, featuring fresh juices, smoothies and free radical shots - ginger, lemon or mint extracts against free radicals served in a flask. and proving that slow food has a solid fun factor is the banana-infused smoothie max mon amour, named after the eponymous movie in which actress charlotte rampling falls in love with an ape. take-away service is available too, in which case your order will be wrapped in sustainably-produced packaging. location: schönhauser allee 9 [mitte].

© till the cows come home / photography: ludger paffrath