berlin: the beautiful struggle

© gestalten / dzine - voodoo

chicago-based artist carlos rolon a.k.a. dzine lands at berlin's gestalten space with his solo show the beautiful struggle. mixing up ghetto, baroque, bling, and psychedelic influences, he creates striking unique pieces that stand out among his peers. the focal point of the show is a mixed-media installation entitled voodoo, which was inspired by, and partially produced on, the dutch caribbean island of curação during a residency at the instituto buena bista. with this piece he captures the spirit of szwaybar, a phenomenon unique to the island's kids and never previously documented or viewed outside the island. the szwaybar bicycle comes from the szway motorbike. these are motorbikes that are altered to extend into oddly shaped driving crafts. since the youth cannot afford them, they simply try to copy the technique with a bicycle by memory. the kids who produce these custom bicycles use their creations as symbols of style, status, and showmanship [on through oct 16]. location: sophienstrasse 21 [mitte].

© gestalten - curação kids on their bikes