berlin: the age of collage

© gestalten / mathieu bourel - princess headcut [2013]

the beautiful gestalten space in downtown berlin currently hosts the age of collage, an interesting group exhibition which explores contemporary collage. this specific art form has arisen out of cubism, and has been applied and further experimented with by dadaists, futurists, surrealists, and pop artists over the last 100 years, and this show very much proves it's still alive and kicking. in fact, the sampling and copying and pasting so prevalent in this digital age have given collage an even greater impetus today. in the art of collage, raw visual material is collected and then combined in such a way as to abstract the individual elements enough that the artist’s own vision becomes prominent. because its references range from other artistic works and techniques to scientific images, pop culture, and erotica, this material and the resulting compositions directly reflect humanity’s collective visual memory and context. on display are works of 31 artists that reveal the boundless possibilities and diversity of this artistic technique [on through jan 5]. location: sophienstrasse 21 [mitte].

© gestalten / julia busch - untitled [2012] and virginia echeverria - big think [2012]