berlin: stüssy pop-up store

© konstantin e.k. - the wall that came tumbling down

it’s been more then twenty years since the fall of the berlin wall and the heydays of the original berlin stüssy chapter. however, this summer the unified german capital will see the opening of the stüssy berlin chapter pop-up store in the heart of berlin's happening mitte area. presented by local retail institutions civilist and firmament, the store opens wed - jul 4 and will celebrates stüssy’s heritage in berlin since back in the days. what's on the shelves? besides the summer collection and the release of several stüssy collab items the store, in addition to a showcase art of the international stussy community and photography of the berlin chapter from around 1989. the pop-up store will remain open through dec 31. location: brunnenstrasse 13 [mitte].

© konstantin e.k. - stüssy-ing in the street