berlin: rats pop-up store

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few places in europe have the laid-back sex appeal of berlin, and it continues to draw hordes of clever creatives from accross the planet who further enhance the city's edgy profile. gabriel kuo and keren richter are two those new settlers. respectively hailing from new york city and vienna and with backgrounds in design, illustration and art history, the two are well-rooted in the big apple's urban culture. both liked the german capital's artistic vibe so much that they've taken up partial residence here. but not only that. they've also opened up shop. their venture is a pop-up called rats - named after the city's unofficial mascot - and it's packed with a tightly edited yet eclectic selection of the duo's fav merchandise from new york city and elsewhere. the focus is very much on stuff that emanates the independent, the slightly subversive and the culture of curiosity, from friends and peers, as well as finds from many travels. the list of brands and designers is quite extensive, and currently includes me & arrow, ed. variehansel from basel, billy kirk and swill children. as rats aims to be more than just a shop, it'll be hosting weekly parties, exhibitions and other fun gatherings [open through aug 24]. location: torstrasse 68 [mitte].




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