berlin: mykita store reopening

© mykita - the renewed concept store in berlin thinking things couldn't possibly get any sleeker at mykita's stores, the edgy eyewear brand proves us wrong with the opening of its renewed concept store in berlin during fashion week. although the interior is still white and featuring the brand's signature backlit presentation wall made of perforated metal angle beads, the concept has been tweaked to include new design elements and merchandise items. stylish interior additions are advanced zumtobel spotlights and aluminium airplane trolleys, used as presentation and storage facility. newly integrated is a relaxed vision center, a special lab equipped with precision instruments from the optical german brand zeiss. the facility offers sight tests and generates a customized optical profile, enabling an exact adaptation of frame and lens to the wearer’s face. interestingly, mykita will now also permanently stock susanne kaufmann's range of beauty products and uslu airlines make-up. the renewed berlin flagship will be the shop interior reference for all of mykita's future flagships. location: rosa luxemburgstrasse 6 [mitte].
© mykita - introducing the new supersleek standard