berlin: michelberger hotel

for quite sometime now berlin has been one of europe's leading creative hotbeds. no wonder an edgy hospitality concept like the michelberger hotel was conceived here. located in a landmark industrial building in east berlin, the hotel fuses edgy low-cost design with modern comfort and in such a way, it's like staying at your best friend's stylish downtown pad. decorationwise, the property is a carefully curated affair, mixing recycled furniture and objects with new design elements. michelberger hotel's rooms are playfully referred to by their size: 33m3, 55m3 and 88m3. additionally there's the luxus, a spacious suite with increased comfort, and the big one, a room big enough to accomodate a whole group of guests. location: warschauerstrasse 39-40 [friedrichshain]. © hotel michelberger / photo: a 33m3 room