berlin: gestalten space opening

© gestalten - inside gestalten space we already told you of gestalten space's inaugural show cutters edges in a previous post, but here's a look at the amazing new venue itself. gestalten truly steps up its game with this expansive 350 sqm. store + gallery in berlin's happening mitte area. the store section not only features the publisher's own comprehensive book collection [both new and archive editions] but also a sharply curated range of products by various designers and artists, such as jaime hayón, artecnica, tokidoki, friendswithyou and tichelaar makkum. next to contemporary art exhibitions, the gallery doubles as a platform for exchanging ideas, and will additionally host an engaging program of lectures, and surprise events. don't miss when in town! location: sophienstrasse 21 [mitte].
© gestalten - cool books and cool design as far as the eye can see