berlin: fountains of ardor

the newly opened black comme des garçons shop in berlin spices up its retail formula even further with the addition of an exhibition space where likeminded artists are invited to show their work. for the inaugural show that opens on fri - apr 27, new york-based artist mark borthwick displays a collage of imaginitive polaroids. the collection reflects his sense for individuality and character in photography on an emotional and intimate level, and is pretty much the antithesis of the glamorous and obvious in image taking. borthwick belongs to a generation of photographers who in the early 1990s started to abandon the conventions of fashion photography and established new aesthetic standards. borthwick has collaborated with innovative fashion brands, such as maison martin margiela, hussein chalayan, mykita and ofcourse comme des garçons. location: linienstrasse 115 [mitte].

© mark borthwick