berlin: faux real

© olivia steele – your spirit gets me high [2016]

based in both berlin and mexico, american artist olivia steele [1985] is all too familiar with man's silly preconceptions, skilfully using it as a rich source for her creative practice. steele creates intriguing juxtapositions of a neon statement and the environment, challenging conventional semiotics and evoking a wide range of interpretations along the way. it's a personal narrative that incoporates photography, nature and found objects with handwriting in neon glass superimposed, adding a slightly ominous feel to the setting. opening at circle culture gallery in berlin on thu – jun 23 [7pm-9pm] is steele's solo exhibition entitled faux real. 

it includes a collection of truisms, illusions, and illuminated metaphors: the artist employs the traditional commercial medium of neon glass to create a variety of opposing contrasts that serve as a guiding light in the process of self exploration, combined with the beautiful side of suffering, and the quest for enlightenment. interestingly, these works reflect a series of personal self-realizations of the artist, as she unravels the threads and unlearns layers of conditioning from a standard american upbringing. although not a retrospective of any kind, this showcase is an artistic becnhmark of sorts for the artist. location: potsdamerstrasse 68 [tiergarten].

© olivia steele – i dream of you in colours that don't exist [2015] and this is just the beginning - milky way [2016]