berlin: el vacío

© gogy esparza - still from the installation

gogy esparza is a new york-based creative who started out as an assistant of mark borthwick, and later on established himself as an artist with a voracious penchant for new media. after previous presentations in tokyo, london and the big apple, esparza's immersive installation el vacío - a collab with the creative team of nikolai rose - arrives at berlin's comme des garçons black store where it'll be revealed on fri - feb 22 [6pm-9pm]. a digital exploration of darkness and ephemerality, it's inspired by salvador dalí’s interpretation of diego velázquez’ renowned painting las meninas [1656]. el vacío is the artist's second body of work and truly is a multimedia project as it combines photography, video, audio, and even scent. fabric hangs from the ceiling in layers, filtering light from projectors, forming a fluid canvas for gogy’s images. the soundtrack and scent of the candles draw visitors further in. the el vacío book is an extension of the experience and will be available at the opening reception. location: linienstrasse 115 [mitte].

© gogy esparza - stills from the installation