berlin: def.

© dittrich & schlechtriem / dennis loesch - the nearly white [2015]

based both in berlin and los angeles, the creative output of german artist dennis loesch [1979] straddles the areas of pop and minimal art, making use of imaginitive angles. the artist's newest showcase held at dittrich & schlechriem gallery in berlin, is indicative of this approach. entitled def., it playfully puts a relic from our computer age into the spotlight. loesch supersized seven sd memory cards into monumental objects, each made from plywood and adorned with different computer-generated imagery. loesch’s installation not only raises the interesting question of the relationship between immaterial data and their physical carrier media from a new angle, making the showcase an exploration of an unexpectedly iconic layer of meaning, but also reflects our visual data culture devouring technological templates at an accelerated rate, making them obsolete at the blink of an eye [on through oct 31]. location: tucholskystrasse 38 [mitte].

© dittrich & schlechtriem / dennis loesch - the patternstein [2015] and the ysl ball gradient [2015]