berlin: blair thurman

© peres projects - exhibition setting

american artist blair thurman [1961] grew up in an environment dripping in art. having a keen sense of self, it wasn't very surprising that once in art school, he eventually abandoned all the prerequisite theories and started using his personal interests instead as a base for his creative output. at the time, slot cars happened to form a large part of it, and  their aesthetic more or less laid the foundation of thurman's style. opening today at peres projects gallery in berlin is a solo exhibition of the artist's most recent paintings and sculptures. thurman’s artistic focus has evolved, and now blends diverse cultural and symbolic elements of americana with pop art and abstract geometric art of the 1950s and 1960s into a vocabulary all his own. alhough using different media and forms, thurman’s works bear a recognizable signature. he has a unique method of abstraction which incorporates and transforms familiar elements into a new and visually attractive iconography [on through dec 19]. location: karl marx allee 82 [friedrichshain].

© peres projects / blair thurman - ten fucking years (zahnfleisch) [2015] and waffle house in the time of nick [2015]