berlin: berlin wonderland

© gestalten / hilmar schmundt [1992]

time surely flies, and the fact that the notorious berlin wall was knocked down 25 years ago proves exactly that. commemorating the event, berlin-based publisher gestalten teams up with photo agency bobsairport for an exhibition that depicts the anarchic years that cemented the german capital’s reputation as a place of extraordinary freedom and creative self-expression. right after the german reunification in 1990, berlin's mitte district was quite the opposite of what it is now, featuring empty streets and a plethora of abandoned buildings. the demise of the former german democratic republic left a vacuum and temporary lawlessness that pulled hordes of artists, punks, squatters and visionaries to the area. opening thu - oct 16 [6pm-10pm] at gestalten space is berlin wonderland - wild years revisited 1990–1996, an exhibition which not only coincides with the annual european month of photography, but also the release of an eponymous publication by gestalten. on display is an interesting selection of photographs from the book - curated by the photo agency's anke fesel and chris keller - that brilliantly documents this era in the german capital's history. the series lays bare that mitte's current status as a leading shopping and gallery district was preceded by something utterly utopian for a handful of subcultures. location: gestalten space, sophienstrasse 21 [mitte].

© gestalten / stefan schilling [1993], bendebiel [1990] and philip von recklinghausen [1990]