berlin: bar shrines, lamps and other paintings of light

© gestalten space / dan witz - bar shrine #3, shanghai [2010] - oil and digital media on canvas

this show will surely conjure up images of debaucherous nights out on the town for many, but then again, you could of course also appreciate it for the fine artistry. we're talking artist dan witz's exhibition bar shrines, lamps and other paintings of light, opening at gestalten space in berlin on fri - apr 26 [6pm-9pm]. witz hails from chicago, studied at rhode island school of design but graduated from cooper union school of art in new york in 1980. on display are a series of canvases that masterfully transform everyday subjects into glowing domestic shrines, from lamps in apartment buildings, liquor bottles displayed in upscale bars to bodegas and grocery stores at night. these hyper-realistic depictions of the banalities of life allow the viewer to suspend our disbelief long enough to enter the fascinating world of art, or in our case, to smilingly reminisce good times. location: sophienstrasse 21 [mitte].

© gestalten space / dan witz - econo lodge lamp III [2007] - oil and digital media on canvas